Moms Lie

I recently tried to get my teenage son Nic to believe me. I was teaching him how to drive and I needed him to believe me, so I reminded him that I never lied to him.

Nic too quickly pointed out that I’ve lied to him about all sorts of things, starting with Santa. He said that I lied to him when I told him that he wasn’t fat, that he was just big-boned, that he shouldn’t play with frogs because they will pee on him and give him warts and that I lied when I tried to get him to eat onions by telling him that I boiled them first to take the taste away.

Okay but that last one worked with Alex.

Nic said that I also lied to him when I said that he shouldn’t play in the dirt because he will get worms; that if he pulled on his fingers a lot he would get big knuckles and that I lied when I told him that he would get body lice or bed bugs from not showering.

I told Nic that I am sticking by the “If you don’t shower often & change your sheets weekly then you will get body lice.”

Nic said that body lice are parasites and they don’t just materialize on dirty bodies or in unwashed sheets.

Okay, so its not like I had any credibility with my teenager anyway.

I decided to tell Nic that he had to drive the way I told him to drive because I am the boss of him and because I said so.

It worked.


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  1. Jeff
    June 20, 2012 at June 20, 2012 #

    I read all the posts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t have to watch Wheel of F. P is at work.

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