Grateful non-Senior

I asked my husband to put an Apple sticker on my car this morning. I drive a Prius. A lot of Senior Citizens drive Prius’ too so I feel the need to distinguish my Prius from theirs. So I decorate my Prius with a few ‘fun-in-a-not-so-Geritol-way’ stickers.

So this morning while my husband was sticking the Apple on my car I remembered the last car that I decorated with stickers, back in the mid-90s. At that time I owned a boring blue Toyota Corolla.

One day I stumbled across these adorable, rainbow-colored, dancing teddy bears. I decided that the dancing teddy bears would look really cute dancing along the bottom of the back windshield of my blue Corolla.

I didn’t know anything about the Grateful Dead. I was a mom. I went to little league games and listened to Billy Joel.

Later that summer I drove my then fifteen year old brother back to New Jersey, where he lived with our Dad.

Several times, during our road trip north, other drivers hung out of their car window to wave at us with peace-sign type waves and heads bobbing. I thought it was odd. I yelled at my brother to stop waving back.

Toward the end of the road trip, we were in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic in Virginia, and some scraggly guy in a VW van tried to pass my little brother a homemade cigarette. A joint. I freaked out when my little brother actually reached for it and I rolled his arm up in the window.

I was frantic, screaming at my brother, and then my brother asked me what did I expect with all the “Dead Head” stickers on the back of my car window.

What? Dead Heads? Oh! You mean like the dead-head-sticker on the Cadillac, from the Don Henley song!

Um. No.

My little brother proceeded to educate me and we pulled over at the very next rest area to scrape all of the cute rainbow-colored teddy bears off of my back car window.

I just want my Prius to look middle aged. I don’t want my car to scream frugal senior citizen. Or pot head.


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