The Cujo-Pekingese & My Ass, Part 2

I haven’t turned into Teen Wolf yet but I have new powers.

The bite on my ass from the Cujo-Pekingese DID get infected.

Days ago I warned my husband that the bite on my ass could get infected.

I also told my husband days ago that we needed to find out where the negligent Cujo-Pekingese owner lived.

Finally, my husband and I scouted the area of the attack last night. It was too late. We couldn’t remember the yard where the old man disappeared.

My co-worker and her husband live near the crime scene so they checked with their neighbors. No luck.

Two days have passed. People forget.

My doctor had to report the dog bite. If Animal Control cannot locate the dog then I will have to get 15 shots in my belly.

Man, will my husband be miserable if THAT happens!


Should I use my powers for good, or for evil?


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