Im going to Ohio for 55hrs (& Pittsburg is not in OH)

My husband doesn’t understand girl-friend relationships.

My husband and his guyfriends gather to DO stuff like golf, drink beer, fish, play corn hole (or is it corn hoe?), play XBox or pick out their Fantasy Football people. Guys gather for a purpose and visiting is strictly secondary.

Me and my girlfriends gather to talk, analyze, share details and solve important stuff. We also enjoy secondary activities like dinner, pedicures, drunk shopping or the hot tub; but the primary reason my girlfriends and I gather is to visit. Girls like to talk.

When one of my husband’s friends move away, they are content to randomly email each other silly things they find on the internet and see each other when and if their wives arrange it; or they lose contact with each other all together and that’s fine with them. My husband says guyfriends are cyclical (and for the record, he doesn’t exactly call them “guyfriends”).

When one of my girlfriends move away, we Skype, email, telephone, snail-mail and text almost daily; and then we make plans to visit each other. Girlfriends are forever.

My friend Terri moved away last August. When Terri called me two weeks ago to tell me that she had to postpone her September visit, I decided that I had to go to Ohio immediately and I arranged my flight.

I will be in Ohio for exactly 55hrs and 3 minutes.

Over the weekend my husband and I talked about my upcoming trip to Ohio.

Have you ever been to Ohio?

“I flew into Pittsburgh once, or maybe it was Philadelphia. Whichever one is closer to New Jersey.”

They are both in Pensylvania, not Ohio.

“Oh. Well then, no.”

I have some friends that live in that part of Ohio, do you want me to find out some fun things for you to do?

“No, I will only be there for fifty-five hours and I just want to visit with Terri.”

One of the world’s largest malls is near where you are going. You should check it out.

“Terri hates to shop and I’m only going to be there for fifty-five hours so we will probably just hang out and talk and spend quality time together.”

You might be able to catch a baseball game. That would be fun.

“Um. No. I’m sure we will have fun. We will probably go out to eat.”


I get the impression that my husband thinks my trip to Ohio will be the most boring fifty-five hours ever.

I secretly know that the fifty-five hours I plan to spend in Ohio with Terri will be among the best hours of my life.

‘Cause girlfriends are forever.


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