Helpful Spit Lab Wives

Several weeks ago I did a standard, unisex, hormone saliva test kit and mailed the samples off to a lab in Utah.

My husband said it was probably some scam polygamy-ring lab because I purchased the pricey test kit online to save thirty dollars, and not in my local pharmacy.

It’s been five weeks and I have not received the lab report. Besides wondering if my husband is right, (OMG) I am waiting on pins and needles for the results; and I’m also a tad worried my tubes of spit are lost, somewhere in a boring square state between Florida and Utah.

This morning I emailed the polygamy lab to check on the status. One of the lab wives replied, apologized for the delay and said my results would be mailed immediately. The email went on to explain they could not email or call me with the results, for privacy reasons.

I was relieved the lab was real, but I hated to be left wondering about the results… Until I read the last part of the email:


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