The Great Oz Lives in Cell Phones & DVRs

My Dad texts me often, he uses all caps and he has created his own acronym, which he adds at the end of every text: LUD.

Last summer my Dad asked me how to make the envelope icon on his cell phone go away, and I explained to him the icon indicated he had voice messages.

Well, how do they know I have voice messages?

“Well, THEY are your cell phone service providers, so THEY just know.”

Well THEY know too much. Computers will be the downfall of our society.

“Probably so Dad.”

My Dad is almost seventy.

My husband is much younger than my Dad.

Last night my husband asked me if Modern Family was set to record.

“Yes. The DVR is set to record all the new episodes.”

I know, but tonight’s episode is an hour long. Will it record for the whole hour?


Well, how do they know tonight’s episode is an hour long?

(laughing) “Really, ‘Dad’…? How do THEY know? You are kidding, right?”

(eyeroll) Great. Just forget I said that.



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