Shut The Elf Up

After your kids grow up, do you wonder what to do with all those Christmas ornaments you bought for them every year?

This past Christmas, while decorating the tree, I broke a hollow glass ornament marked “Jamie 2002” (in 2002, my oldest son Jamie was fifteen). When I bent over to pick up the pieces of the ornament, I noticed a wadded up piece of paper shoved inside the ornament. The note read: Shut the elf up, in 15-year old Jamie’s handwriting.

At fifteen, Jamie hated me; his hormones were raging and anything I said or did, was the dumbest, stupidest or worst idea ever. So I’m sure, back in 2002 when I asked him (forced him) to hang his ornaments on the Christmas tree, he was pretty angry and clearly vented by leaving me a note; to be received ten years later. Priceless.

When I asked 25 year old Jamie about it last December, he didn’t remember stuffing the note inside the ornament, but we laughed about it for days, and days. I’m still laughing as I write this blog.

I am reminded however, about how I struggled everyday back then, just to like Jamie. And about how I was convinced it was all because I bought the cheap diapers, or didn’t put him in daycare (to socialize him) or because I let him play with gender neutral toys.

Nobody told me I wouldn’t like my son for most of his teenage years. This valuable tidbit wasn’t tucked away in any Hallmark card, or Lifetime movie, or in Dr. Spock’s Baby book, which I read from cover to cover.

But here I am now, an experienced mother of three sons, to tell you the universally known, underground motherhood secret: its normal to love-but-not-like your teenage sons through the teenage years. You’ll get over it.

But it’s unusual to find a Christmas Cache.

So I think, after our kids grow up, we should smash all their Christmas ornaments, look for notes, and then make a mosaic table.


3 comments on “Shut The Elf Up

  1. faydanamyjake
    February 6, 2013 at February 6, 2013 #

    Thank you for sharing this, I have a teen daughter and can relate but not my darling boy ( he is 5 give me a decade lol)

    • virtualendings
      February 6, 2013 at February 6, 2013 #

      Thank you! It was heartbreaking for me, but by the third one I was an old pro. At least you have two kids.. You’ll still have one to like 🙂

  2. faydanamyjake
    February 6, 2013 at February 6, 2013 #

    Such a shame this process has to happen isn’t it 😦

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