I Gave My Kids Therapy Material And I Keep On Giving

I scarred my kids for life. I’m sure of it. And I’m still doing it.

My middle son Alex is the son with the freshest memories of home, because he is the latest one to leave the nest; and currently, he is home on vacation, between duty assignments.

Alex walked in this morning, holding an Easter Lily. Mom, what do you think?

“Oh Alex I love it! Thank you!” And then I hug him. And as I stepped back to look at his face, I realized it wasn’t for me. Oops.

Mom, I’m meeting Grandma and Grandpa for Easter brunch, and I bought this for her, but I can buy another one Mom, really. Oh God, I feel so bad! (laughing)

“Oh Ally, don’t worry about it, and don’t feel bad. It’s really ugly. I don’t like yellow. Plus I kill stuff. Grandma has a totally green thumb, and it will live if you give it to her, so you can save it’s life. Give it to Grandma. Really (laughing), I’m perfectly okay.”

Oh, and Mom, I’ll be back later this afternoon, with my friend. Is that still okay?

Alex asks me this with aprehension, probably because I’ve gone back to what I was doing before he breezed through the door; I’m hunched over, under my new La-Z-Boy recliner, trying to figure out how to keep it from sliding across the wood floor.

“Yes Alex, that will be fine. I told you to invite your friend over. And the house will be prepared. Why do you sound so distressed? Are you embarassed?”

Noooo Mom. (annoyed voice and eyeroll)

“Okay. Just making sure. I know the last time your friend came over, our house wasn’t very clean because it was mid-week, and we just had a furniture delivery, and your boxes were everywhere, and things were simply crazy around here; so I thought maybe you might have been embarassed. But I’ll be ready by this afternoon. Right now I’m just trying to make sure my recliner doesn’t keep sliding so I’m gluing this rubber mat…Uh, hey Alex, can you help me? I just super-glued my recliner to the floor.”

Mom, crazy is just an average day at home. And this is a good day. (laughing-eyeroll-shaking-his-head-and-coming-to-my-rescue)


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