Happy 17th bEARTHday Nic!

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and my youngest son Nic’s seventeenth birthday.

A week or so ago, Nic was sitting at the kitchen table making a list, and so I asked him what he needed from the store…

This isn’t a grocery list Mom.

“What kind of list is it?”

It’s my Birthday List.

“Uh, you’re making a list of things you want for your birthday?” Nic nods his head yes. “Uhmm, well, it’s YOUR birthday Nic, not Christ’s birthday, you only get ONE thing. So uh, you may want to narrow it down there, Kiddo.”

Well Mom, maybe you should think about this: I’m your youngest child, and after this year, I won’t be a kid anymore. I’ll be an adult. You won’t have any more kids. This is the LAST kid birthday forever, for you, Mom.

Awww, even as smart as Nic is, he really thinks he will wake up on his 18th birthday, and magically be an adult, with full-on-adult-powers. How cute.

But technically, in 364 days, I’ll be home-free. In 411 days Nic will graduate high school. In 502 days Nic will start college.

“Okay Nic, you can get two things; one for your birthday, and one for Earth Day.”


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