I Said In Sickness & In Health, Not A Full Marathon!

It’s been twelve days since we did the Rock n Roll half marathon in Nashville’s great Marathon Monsoon of 2013. And finally it feels like things are back to normal; we’ve rounded the corner; the fog has lifted; we’ve overcome the extreme post half-marathon fatigue.

A few nights after the Half, in an obvious moment of over-tiredness, Hubs pondered outloud, training for a full marathon… And I freaked.

“Are you kidding me? You said you had no desire to EVER do a full marathon! You said your knees would never make it that far, and you’d never want to do a full marathon.”

Well, thirteen miles was just so easy. And so I was just thinking a marathon might be the natural, next step.

“No way! You have the sleep-deprived crazies. Did you see those people that ran the full marathon? They were real runners. And some of them puked, and had to be carried away. And I like you as a regular, non-puking guy, that can walk and drink beer at the end of a run. We are NOT hard core. We do this for fun. FUN. Plus, uhmm, who will be at the finish-line to carry your limp-puking-ass-body away?”


“Seriously? This is SO NOT funny. Because I know you are serious. Twenty-six miles is double what you went last weekend.”

I know. But really. It was easy.

“Okay then. Well. If you are seriously going to train for a full marathon, then I will too. And you know, I’ll have to walk it. So just think about that. Think about me. Walking. For eight hours. But I will do it. You know I will.”

(Silence. Serious face.) You are right. Twenty-six miles is a long way. Maybe I’ll just work on my time.

And so we dried out our sneakers; we caught up with the laundry; and we stuck 13.1 stickers on our cars.

And then, last week we started training for our natural, next step: Disney’s Twilight Tower of Terror Ten Mile Run, in October.


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