NOLA Has Everything; Middle Aged Seniors & Molly’s Jeans.

What do three middle-aged, suburban couples do for fun? Head to NOLA, also known to the newbies as New Orleans.

Hubs and I have been to NOLA a bunch of times, but our good couple-friends Jack and Stella, have never been to the Crescent City, so we all booked rooms at a super decent hotel in the French Quarter. Stella’s brother Jon, and sister-in-law, Beth, flew down from a northern square state, to meet up with us and par-tay. Whoo-hoo!

Jack, Stella, Jon and Beth were all going to see a football game on Sunday. I can’t remember the teams; it was the New Orleans team. Or was it a Louisiana team? I don’t know. Anyway, Beth and Jon were big fans of the local team, and they were playing the Atlanta team, or the Georgia team. Whatever. It was a red team. I think it was the team that won the Super Bowl later on… Yeah. Them.

Clearly you can see why Hubs and I didn’t go to the football game; Hubs likes the Dolphins, from Miami. And football bores me; so at $200 a ticket, we skipped it.

Anyway, we arrived in NOLA on a Saturday afternoon, and we quickly unpacked, and hit Bourbon Street.

It smelled like vomit. I don’t remember Bourbon Street smelling that way when I was there the last time. Maybe I was drunker. When was I last on Bourbon Street, at night…? Hmmm. Wow. Ten years ago. I was thirty-five then. Whoa.

We walked down Bourbon Street; we grabbed a drink or two, here and there; we stopped at the end and turned around, because it looked dangerous. We people watched. We laughed and visited. We took pictures. And we found out that Jon was the only Honest Lawyer in his square state.

And then, we were all starving. It had to be like eight o’clock. We were all trying to figure out the best place to go to eat a super awesome meal. We were all Foodies and we were in NOLA, a Foodie’s wet-dream! Cajun, Creole, Crab cakes, Crawfish O-M-G We couldn’t wait to eat, and we didn’t want to waste a meal on so-so food! We wanted authentic, traditional, NOLA FOOD! Man, I was so hungry. I looked at my watch, IT WAS FIVE-THIRTY.

We were starving. AT FIVE-THIRTY. And it’s not like we all didn’t live in the same Central Time zone. WTH!?

So we wandered. And wandered. Drinking, and wandering and trying to find a specific restaurant, with our iPhones.

Have you ever noticed how you can never find anything using iPhone maps? There has got to be a man, sitting behind a computer, somewhere in China, totally laughing his ass off at all the people he has wandering in circles.

And so by seven we were still searching for an authentic, traditional NOLA restaurant. Stumbling in the street. Seriously. Falling. Down. Probably because we were half drunk by then; maybe because we needed glasses to see at night. But most definitely because we were weak from hunger. So we settled for a chain. Yep. We dined at a chain restaurant, in the Foodie-wet-dream-capital of the South.

And then we went back to Bourbon street, met some other drunk and fun, footbally-type people, and it got sooo late. We all knew it had to be like two in the morning. And I looked at my phone, AND IT WAS TEN.

Seriously. Mid-life is a fallacy Y’all. There is no middle to it. One morning you wake up and BAM. You are on the fast-track. A body-clock-schedule. We are simply senior citizens in the making. Up at seven. Hungry at six. Tired at ten.

And the next morning, when everyone went to the football game, Hubs and I hit the Flea Market. Believe it or not, I found Pretty in Pink on VHS, and Gitano drop-waist, stonewashed jeans.

No wonder Nicholas Cage loves this town.


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  1. Margaret Haynes Meritt
    May 22, 2013 at May 22, 2013 #

    On the Bucket list for 2014 after Thailand trip!

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