The Mayans Were Right About December Being A Good Month To End It

I’m hot. And I’m crabby. And I’m wondering why my A/C can’t die on a relatively cool WEEKday. We knew it would die soon, one day. It’s old. But does it have to die on the weekend? In June? Why couldn’t it die on a sunny December day? I swear the air conditioner manufacturer makes them with internal timers, and sets them to self destruct on the weekends, in sweltering ninety degree temperatures, like say mid-day, on JUNE 2nd.

Hello Karma. I know you are biting me in the ass today, because I made fun of Dr. Teeth and Twiggy.

Two weekends ago, when our dog-hater-neighbor’s A/C died, I said out loud, to Hubs and the Universe: I bet Twiggy is super excited about sweating off another five pounds. And then I laughed sadistically. And I probably snorted too.

Karma is a mean bitch.

My dogs are too hot to move. I keep eyeballing them to see if they are breathing, because I’m too hot to move too.

And OMG I hate leather furniture.

Hubs and our teenage son Nic, are unaffected. Seriously. THEY. DO. NOT. CARE. They are going about their business-as-usual, while the dogs and I cook, from the inside out. Sprawled. Near death. The dogs on the sofa, and me on the recliner. Baking alive. While Hubs watches a movie on the compter, and Nic plays XBox. Oblivious.

At least our A/C outlasted the Mayan calendar.


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