I’m Not The Only Crooked Lady

I’m a runner again. And it feels so good.

Three months ago, while training for my first half marathon, I developed hip pain, which led me to a chiropractor; who told me I was as crooked as a circus freak, and I needed all these wood-pecker-type adjustments; a shoe lift, and oh yeah, I could probably never run again because I had a protruding disc in my back.

And the chiropractor’s diagnosis sent me crying to my general doctor, who calmed me down, and sent me to a spine specialist.

And the spinal specialist ordered an MRI of my hip, because he said the original problem was probably a stress fracture in my hip, and not crookedness. Apparently Y’all, everybody is a little bit crooked.

So today I went back to the Spine Doc and we reviewed the MRI results of my hip, and I did have a stress fracture. But it’s healed. And I’m fine. And I’ll always have the protruding disc in my back from an old injury, but I’ve always had it, and I can still run.

Then the Spine Doc told me I could run. Today. On National Running Day.

And I made him say it again, and then I cried, and he gave me a Kleenex and a hug.

Then I went directly home to run in the rain; the ninety-degree, one-hundred percent humidity, Florida kind of rain. Hubs drove by me twice to make sure I was okay, because I didn’t take my iPhone, and he knew it’d be a hard run. No kidding. It was a super hard run. The Spine Doc said to start off slow, so I only did three miles; but I fought for every step. Steamy blacktop kicks ass; plus, I’m out of summer-running shape.

And I didn’t realize until Hubs took this picture of me post-run, that I wore my SISU t-shirt. SISU is Finnish for Guts. During the hardest part of my run I saw a rainbow, and I’m sure it was my Finnish Grampa, smiling down on me, and giving me a little nudge. My Grampa always looked for the rainbows.

Happy National Running Day Y’all.


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