We Are Directionally Challenged Old Schoolers

Recently Hubs and I were meeting some friends for lunch in ‘their neck of the woods.’

About a half an hour before we met, one of the friends, Jan, called me with directions to the restaurant. As soon as I hung up with Jan, I carefully regurgitated the directions to Hubs, because he was driving, and I have the memory storage space of a gnat for boring things, like lefts, rights, and reference points.

As we neared the general area of the restaurant, Hubs asked me to recall if we turned left or right, after we passed the high school. OMG

“Well, hmmm. I’m not sure. I visualized it as Jan told me, and in my head we turned left. But she may have said right. You know how sometimes I get my left and right confused if I don’t stop and think about which hand I write with… So it may really be right, and we just turned left in my head….”

Uh-huh… Well this is serious and it’s kind of important because there are three lanes of heavy traffic and I need to know. For real life reasons. Do I turn left or right?

“I can text her. But she is probably driving so she won’t get it. Oh, wait! I know! Jan said to turn left, or maybe it was right, but she said BY the PUBLIX shopping center, so we need to turn in the direction of Publix!”

Okay. That’s good, because I think Publix is on the right. In real life, did she say Publix Shopping Center. Or Walmart? Because there are two…

“Very funny. She definitely said Publix. I’m sure about that. It’s the left and right thing Hubs. You know, I always get that confused. I probably have a bad HDMI cord somewhere in my brain because I’ve done it before; you know, visualize one direction while somebody is saying another; it’s probably some undiscovered form of dyslexia, and you are making fun of me… Oh look! There’s Publix! It’s on the Left!”

(And Hubs is in the far right lane. In Fourth of July week, bumper to bumper, Florida Gulf Coast tourist traffic)

Okay, well, I’ll just turn around right here.

And Hubs made an immediate right into the high school parking lot, which was a small, closed lot. So we turned around, and exited the same way we entered. Then we made our way across three lanes of traffic, to take a left, and get to the restaurant.

And neither one of us ever thought to use our iPhones, or like maybe ..the GPS in our car?!


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