My Age Spots Are Not Racist

So I went to the dermatologist to find out about these white spots on my legs and arms…

Doc: They are ‘white age spots.’

Me: Huh. Never heard of them. Have they always been called that? Or is this a new term?

(The doc was silent & looked at me like I had three heads)

Me: Well, you never know if they decided to make age spots a racial issue; maybe they changed the terminology for the new Obamacare computer or something…?

Doc: No, the spots are called ‘white’ because the SPOTS are white, not because YOU are white.

Me: Oh. So everyone can get WHITE age spots?

Doc: (annoyed) Yes.

Me: Oh good. Because I didn’t want to go around telling people I had ‘white age spots, if they were really just ‘age spots.’ But realistically, they ARE simply age spots, then, right?

Doc: (extremely annoyed) Age spots can be brown, or white.

Me: Good to know. So, brown age spots are called ‘brown age spots,’ then?

Doc: (gathering his files and heading for the exam room door) No, brown age spots are commonly known as ‘age spots.’

Me: So, really, I just have ‘age spots’?

Doc: (walking out the door) Yes. You just have age spots.

Me: Good to know.

That’s what happens when you leave me sitting in a waiting room for forty-minutes, and then tell something stupid. Doctor.


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