I Had A Creative Urge & New Scissors

My Facebook friends, and blog readers, the ones who know me in real life anyway, ALWAYS ask my husband if all the stuff I write about is really true; if it actually happens. And of course, I can’t make this stuff up. I’m not that good. So yes, it’s all true.

For example, here is my Facebook post from last night:


And the entire time I was cutting my bangs, Hubs stood outside the bathroom door, peeking occasionally around the corner, and warning me not to do what I was about to do; Hubs can spot the train-wreck-to-be, from a mile away, he’s gotten super good at it. Of course, I did it anyway. See:


So I’m not saying I don’t help this stuff along a bit; but I’m open to it; I embrace these moments. And then I laugh at myself.. Because for the next three weeks I get to look like an 80’s TV star. Who else can say that?

And I’m so glad I only bought one pair of scissors, and not that cute little scissor set. Hubs is glad too.

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