Yes. Another iOS7 Rant.

Has anyone noticed, when you text now, with the new iOS 7 upgrade, the word tonight is underlined in your text box?

Tonight is automatically underlined, because it’s a link, and if you click it, it will take you to your calendar.

But the word tomorrow isn’t underlined. Or Sunday, or Tuesday. Or any other day.

Just tonight.

However, if you type the date into a text box, it will underline it. Yeah. It underlines dates, and the word tonight.

Like if you are going to text your BFF and say: You wanna meet me for happy hour on 09/26/13. THEN, 09/26/13 will be underlined, and link to your calendar, if you click on it.

Do the Apple tech geeks really think we text like that? WTH? Maybe they should’ve read some sample texts from the NSA before they tried to invent shortcuts for us. Because uh, we don’t use text messages to plan with dates… HELLO? Texts are sort of last-minute-short-hand-$hit. Geesch.

How useless is that feature? I barely know the day of the week, let alone the date. But I still know what I’m effing doing tonight.

Hello Apple? Did you get that? I may be borderline menopausal BUT I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING TONIGHT! Tomorrow, maybe not so much. Sunday? It definitely would be helpful to maybe, uh, HAVE A LINK TO MY CALENDAR. But seriously, I think I’ve got tonight covered.

WTH? It’s bad enough my iPhone looks like Cheer Bear threw up a rainbow in it, does it have to be so nonsensical too?

And hey, why is my iPad browser black?

I’m sure some of the upgrades are super cool. BUT I CAN’T SEE THEM THROUGH MY SUNGLASSES!

I wanna go back. Rewind. I want to undo the upgrade. Because if I wanted an Android, I would’ve bought one.

Epic. Fail. Apple. Come up with a classic view. Hey, you can even call it “classy” view. You know, FOR GROWN UPS. Be original, again.




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