Natural Expo Things

Let me start by saying that I get NOTHING from any of the brands I mention in this blog; not any discounts, or rebates. ZERO. I simply like the stuff I found. I’m just an average runner, who loves to eat, run, and shop; so race Expos are naturally my thing.

And this last Expo at the Disney Tower of Terror Ten Miler, didn’t disappoint me. I stumbled (literally, tripped) across some super-cool stuff, and so I thought I’d share it all with you…

SHOE-STACHES! I swear, these made me run faster. Seriously. And I am leaving them on my shoes. Forever. So what if Hubs thinks they look devilish.


ALMOND POPS. Wow. These were really good. I got two, one for me and one for Hubs. And I ate both (not on the same day). They were kind of like less-sweet Rice Krispie treats, with gooey blueberries inside. They are the perfect solution to quench a sugar craving. I didn’t taste the almonds, but they’ve got to be in there right? And man, I’d really like to find these in the real world, so if you’ve seen them anywhere, let me know.


SWEATY BANDS. Confession: I saw these at a race Expo for the first time last year, and I didn’t believe they’d stay-put on my super huge egg-shaped head (yes, my head is abnormally large, I’ve weighed it and everything), so I didn’t buy one. And then my BFF gave me a Sweaty Band for my birthday last year, and I LOVED it! Sweaty Bands really do stay-put; they don’t slip. Just like they advertise. So I bought another Sweaty Band at the ToT Expo, because since my birthday, I’ve become a Sweaty Band hoarder.

NIPPLE PROTECTORS! OMGawd! Who even knew these existed? Okay so these have probably been around for awhile, but who goes into a running store and says, “my shirt chafes my nipples.” Not any man that I know. Especially my ‘friend.’ And my Hu -er, I mean, ‘friend’ really needs these. Score!

RACE STICKER. I bought a ToT race sticker. Because we all run for the stickers. Don’t we?

And a glow-in-the-dark MUSTACHE SHIRT, from Raw Threads! OMGawd. Must. Have. And actually, Raw Threads has some really unique, non-mustache clothes. And I’ve never heard of Raw Threads. It’s quality. But at a pricey-price; I could only afford one shirt. At a time.

Notice the mustache trend? I have mustache-envy. It’s a natural thing.

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