Just Follow Me, Everything Will Be Fun!

The best laid plans and the road to Hell… what is it they say? In a few weeks I’m traveling with Hubs and our couple-friends, Jan and Tom, and they’ve left the details, up to me. Again.

Just writing that, putting it out there, makes me snort-laugh. Are they effing serious? I could be a cult leader Y’all. Really. Because I-AM-NOT-A-DETAIL-PERSON. And they follow me… THEY STILL LET ME PLOT AND PLAN. And they follow me.

And our friends, Jan and Tom, are total brainiac, professional detailed-degreed-out-the-yahoo-people. And Hubs too.. Oh-my-gawd, detailed? Check. Plus, he notices EVERY one of my bumps and bruises; in that department, I keep him on his toes. I swear, he has mad observation skills… but no kidding, ALL three of them leave the planning to me. They follow me, no questions asked. Every. Single. Time. So it’s lucky for them, that I’ve decided to use my cult-powers for good.

Because it doesn’t seem to matter to Hubs, Tom or Jan (The Three Amigos), that the last event I planned, barely a month ago, was NOT the thirty-mile bicycle trip it was supposed to be; even through I plotted and carefully mapped out the half-way point, using Map My Run, Google Maps, and a GPS, the day before. The morning of the ride, we headed out at nine to bicycle twenty-eight miles, only to learn the entire course was eighteen miles (see Tour De 30A). I had missed ten miles. Huh? We were barely tired, and done by noon. Honestly, I swear, it was twenty-eight miles the day before.

And then there was THAT cruise. Two years ago, we all went on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas over Christmas break, and we drug our then-fifteen-year-old sons. I know, I know. The bright idea was mine, BUT THEY FOLLOWED me. My husband’s only request was the ship have a big pool. Well, the ship had a big pool. ONE big pool. And big is relative, to like the number of the people on the ship. Or said people’s size. Hubs never got to swim. Not once. We hung out in the hot tubs a bit, or at least until the college kids started puking over the side (yes, over the side of the hot tub). And our teenagers were so bored after the first day at sea.. and the Bahamas are probably the lamest port ever (too Americanized), I don’t know why Anna Nicole liked it there so much…

But The Three Amigos still let me plan.

Probably because we still have a great time, even though the details don’t exactly fall into place; things work out, and we are all together, so we make our own fun. Plus, like I said, I think I have that cult-leader gene.

And this morning The Three Amigos tasked me with finding a hotel close to our port in Miami. We plan to drive to somewhere near Miami, from the Florida Panhandle, the day before our cruise, and stay overnight. Hubs suggested Port St. Lucie, but I think that’s too far away from our port; Map Quest says it’s two hours. I know, I know, the little voice inside my head says to find a hotel in Port St. Lucie, like Hubs suggested; but I take the hard roads. Yo.

Ft. Lauderdale? Boca Raton? Homestead? Hmm. I study a map of Florida. I grew up in this state, who knew it was so big?! And I group text The Three Amigos. Nothing.

Well, Hubs said he didn’t want to stay in a big city, so Ft. Lauderdale is out.

And Jan wanted to be close to whatever that road is that we will drive in on… hmm. I think it’s Hwy 75. Wait. Maybe it’s the Turnpike. Is that the same road?

Homestead. They had a bad hurricane a few years back, I hope they’ve recovered… Wait. That’s south of Miami. Not good.

So Boca Raton it is. Because that’s where they filmed Caddyshack, and it looked like a nice town in that movie. So I booked a room. Easy-peasy. There was a blue highway on the map that looked like a pretty major road, so I think Jan will be happy.

Then I sent out a group text to The Three Amigos, and BAM! I was done.

The Three Amigos said Boca Raton was fine; Jan booked a room for her and Tom. Nobody even questioned it. Uhmm. Okay. I begged Hubs to double check it. Seriously? Are we all just gonna head out one day and drive there based on my recommendation? Do you know how close we came to driving PAST Miami and staying in Homestead, because they had a bad hurricane once, and I recognized the name? Huh. Maybe they know Florida better than me.

But oh-my-gawd. Not kidding. I could be a cult leader.

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  1. bensbitterblog
    October 21, 2013 at October 21, 2013 #

    I’d be okay if you missed 10 miles. I would even offer to eat chocolate chip cookies since you “made” us miss the 10 miles.

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