You’ll Be Fine Cupcake

“HUUBBBSS! Wake up! Wake Up!”

Whaaaaa? What time is it? Huh? We don’t have to be up for another hour… Whaaa WHY are YOU up? What’s wrong? Are you sick?

“No I’m not sick! I’m COLD! I can’t sleep because it’s freezing in here! You left the sliding door open last night and it feels like I’m trying to sleep in a refrigerator; it’s FORTY-THREE DEGREES! I have on three shirts, a robe, socks and sweat pants, AND I’M STILL COLD. I can’t even find the dogs. And you said it would be sixty degrees today. Oh-my-gawd. I can’t do this. I can’t run in the freezing cold. My body just doesn’t work. I don’t do cold weather. My bones feel like the Tin Man, and I want to bundle up like the Michelin Man. I need to find the dogs. And if I wear too many clothes I’ll over heat and I won’t be able to run, and then they’ll have to take me off the course in an ambulance. How embarassing! Oh-my-gawd, I can’t do this! Why do I ever agree to do these morning races?!”

Our run isn’t for THREE HOURS. The sun will come out and it’ll warm up and you’ll be fine. The dogs are probably in Nic’s bed. This is only a six mile run. You want to do it so you can eat cupcakes, remember? We’ll stop and get a cupcake after it’s over. Just go back to sleep. Think about the cupcake.

“Go back to bed? Seriously. A cupcake? Uh, I’m having a meltdown here!”


“Hubs? HUUBBS?”



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  1. bensbitterblog
    October 28, 2013 at October 28, 2013 #

    Us husbands can sleep through just about anything.

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