An E-Card for Hubs

Happy Birthday Hubs.

I’m super glad you were born, and I met you, and that we have a son just like you.

I’m thrilled that we get to play house 24/7, that you are my best friend, and that you almost always let me have my way.

You are the most generous, patient, kind, smart, loving and stable person I know. You are my rock, and I’m so glad you were born. I love you.

I especially love that you don’t think I’m dumb when when we drive from our home in North Florida, to South Florida, and I ask you if we, “Are out of Florida yet?” And I love that you are so patient with me, like when our home network goes down, and you try to explain to me that our router reset itself, and changed it’s name, and I don’t understand what you are saying, for two days.

Or how kind you are when I tell you, your beloved Miami Dolphins are big fat sissies compared to the Bengals of Cincinnati, based on my infinite football knowledge (I watched two seasons of HBO’s Hardknocks).

And you are generous with your time, even when you are trying to sleep, and I get the giggles, and have to tell you why, but I cant stop slobber-snort-laughing all over you long enough to get the words out.

You really are the best Hubs ever born. And I hope you have a terrific Birthday, because you deserve the best day ever.

xo Me

Note to Hubs: I know you said no dog and pony shows, no marching bands, or circus acts, but you didn’t specifically mention anything about an E-card, or my blog. Just sayin’ …And by the way, I remembered to call the cruise ship, to make sure all the waiters didn’t parade around the dining room, clapping their hands, climbing on the chairs, and singing Happy Birthday to you; because I figured that fell under marching, and circus.

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  1. bensbitterblog
    November 4, 2013 at November 4, 2013 #

    Awesome. What a lucky guy he is to have such a tribute.

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