Eight Facts and A Bonus Rash

There is this game circulating around Facebook, where you are given a number and you are supposed to post that number of Random Unknown Facts about yourself. Have you seen it?


And I know, I know. Whenever I see a game circulating on Facebook, I just need to stay off of it for a few days.. Seriously. Otherwise I will get sucked in by the Facebook time-sucking-vortex.

But it was an accident. Really. It just happened. I need to be doing laundry. I still have a suitcase full of shampoo-clothes. I just planned to get on Facebook for a quick second, to check for Proof of Life; because I haven’t heard from my twenty-six year old, he took a road-trip, and I was wondering if he arrived-alive… And I was being super careful to avoid that damn game.

But I ‘liked’ my friend’s status about her Random Unknown Facts, because her facts were so sweet. And she seemed like such a nice and kind person. And I didn’t read her first comment; if I ‘liked’ her status, I’d get a number.

Oh-my-gawd. A challenge. My number was eight. I had to come up with eight things people don’t already know about me? Holy f&%k. I’m already an oversharer. HARD. STUFF.

Hubs said to just ignore it, or make $hit up. Probably because he wanted me to do laundry, and not get sucked in by the time-vortex; he is tired of wearing questionably clean, shampoo-sticky underwear, and I don’t let him do laundry.

But the laundry could wait; it’s waited for a week. And my fake-OCD wouldn’t let me ignore the challenge, nor would it let me make $hit up. And of course, my Facebook post turned into a blog, by itself. I swear.

So an hour and a half later…

1.) My husband is the most patient person I know (and while this is probably the main reason we are compatible, it drives me bat-shit-crazy most of the time).

2.) I’m a closet-rap-music-lover (the loud-filthy kind). I listen to it when I run, even when I’m running at Disney. *Nic (my 17yr old) took his iTunes off auto-download for this reason

3.) And I hate running. I dread it. I only do it so I can eat cupcakes. And (sometimes) drink vodka. And I run so I can sleep. I don’t get a runner’s high; I’m broken that way. However, I do like the stickers and the medals at the END of the race 🙂

4.) I learned to play the piano as a kid and I can still play some today, but I’d rather write.

5.) I used to weigh 234lbs (from 2007-09), and I decided I needed to loose when l saw a full-body photo of myself at my son Alex’s graduation in the Spring of 2009… so far I’ve lost 90lbs (and that includes the 6lbs I gained on the cruise).

6.) I never wanted a girl. Ever. People always assume if you have three boys, you’d dream of a daughter. But not me. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.. I like to be the Queen.

7.) I can’t keep a secret. This goes along with patience -which I don’t have. It used to kill me to wait until Christmas morning, to give my boys their presents. And sometimes I’d even tell them… or give them the presents early, and then have to buy more. I know. I’m horrible. And I’ve already told Alex about one of his presents for this year.

8.) I sing in my car. At the top of my lungs. With the windows open. And I can’t sing. At all. Oh, and I don’t stop singing when I’m at a stop light. So people stare. And I don’t care, because I’m forty-six. And I love that.

Random Unknown Bonus Fact: 9.) Did you know if you wear shampoo-sticky undergarments, after a week you’ll get a rash? Well you will. So I’m off to do laundry now.

2 comments on “Eight Facts and A Bonus Rash

  1. frugoal
    November 16, 2013 at November 16, 2013 #

    Haha! Been avoiding facebook for the exact same reason! Love the fact you love gansta rap!

    • virtualendings
      November 16, 2013 at November 16, 2013 #

      Gangsta Rap! Okay, so that’s what it’s called. Good to know LOL It’s funny because it totally embarrasses my husband and my 17yr old son was blushing when he asked who downloaded 22 rap songs (I blamed my husband 😉 My twenty-six year old son enjoys Gangsta Rap too, but even he blushes when he is with me in the car, and I know every word to a song..

      And be careful! Tread carefully… That game is SO sneaky!

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