He Had Me At “True”

In my family, it’s common knowledge that I’m a scardy cat. For years I couldn’t even watch all of ‘The WIzard of Oz,’ because I was afraid Dorothy wouldn’t make it home to Auntie Em. And when I was a teenager, I caved to peer-pressure and watched Nightmare on Elm Street, and then I had nightmares on Mayflower Court for weeks.

But I love true mysteries, in spite of my scardy cat tendencies. I’m completely romanced by every non-gory, scary-suspense-true-story movie. Plus, I have fake-OCD so I can’t say no to a challenge, or a dare… Or a good sales pitch. Like the time my friend Sarah rented ‘Paranormal Activity’ and talked-sold-suckered and coerced me into watching it with mimosas, in broad daylight of course, and while our husbands were out of town. I know, super-bright idea. Needless to say, a lot of sleeping with both dogs, and kids, with the TV, and all of the lights on (cause ghosts hate noise and lights, yo), followed that movie too.

So last night Hubs suggested we watch the ‘Conjuring;’ he said it was a true story, and it looked like a really good mystery-suspense-type movie. “Uh, did you say true?”

So we watched the preview on Apple TV…

“Hubs this is creeepppyy. This CANNOT be a true story. I don’t believe it.”

Wait. That wasn’t the trailer I watched. It IS a true story. Hang on. (goes to Utube and finds another movie trailer) Here it is...

“Holy $hit. This was a true story? How does it end? Did the Ghostbusters help these people?”

I don’t know.

“Well I have to know how it ends if you want me to watch it.”

Well, that defeats the purpose. Then the movie won’t be scary.


Two Conjuring movie trailers and one sleepless night later…

“Hubs, I swear someone pulled my covers off in the middle of the night. And I heard clapping from the armoire in our bedroom twice. And this morning, someone left two doors open, and it wasn’t me. We have to watch that movie tonight, I need to find out how that movie ends. I think we have ghosts.”

(rolling his eyes) Forgetaboutit.


3 comments on “He Had Me At “True”

  1. bensbitterblog
    November 21, 2013 at November 21, 2013 #

    I remember watching Nightmare on Elm Street and thinking I was going to have nightmares, but nothing. I just don’t have nightmares about scary movies.

    • virtualendings
      November 21, 2013 at November 21, 2013 #

      I wish I didn’t have nightmares, or daymares for that matter. But I do.. sigh.

      • bensbitterblog
        November 22, 2013 at November 22, 2013 #

        I always have grandiose dreams. I think that means I’m totally not living up to my potential.

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