Put The Homefires Out

It’s Fire Prevention Monday at my house. A day where you scramble around and try to keep things from catching fire and your house from burning to the ground.

Like our fireplace.

After flipping a switch and having the perfect, most beautiful fire every night for three months a year, and every year for the past eight years; my brother came over last night and glanced at our fireplace, and then questioned why it had glass in front of the metal screen.

Hubs sat speechless, lost in thought, while I tried to answer…

It came like that. It’s supposed to be there. It’s an open flame. The dogs could fall in. I don’t know.

“Your dogs aren’t going to throw themselves into a fire Sis. Really. I don’t think you are supposed to leave the glass there, that’s what the screen is for; plus it would put out so much more heat if you removed the glass. Google it.”

And so we did. We all huddled around my iPad, and we Googled it. And phrases like: remove glass before lighting logs, major fire hazard, glass could explode, serious injury or damage could occur, danced across the screen. Oh-my-gawd.

I immediately thought about the time when Nic was eleven, and I caught him trying to roast marshmallows on fondue sticks in the fireplace vent; what if the fireplace exploded on him then?

Hubs starting reading over my shoulder “Holy F&%k $hit.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And our dryer.

This morning I started the dryer. And it stopped. So I started it again, and I wondered what was burning. I smelled something burning. Odd. And the dryer stopped. So I started it again and I wondered why the dryer kept stopping, and WHAT IN THE HELL WAS BURNING?! And the dryer stopped again. Huh. Oh my gawd, maybe the dryer was burning!

Yep. A dryer fire.

I yelled for Nic, my seventeen year old son because Hubs was already at work. Nic arrived armed with an extinguisher, and he determined it wasn’t a major fire. Nic said he had the issue under control, and that wires were probably just smoldering, and we didn’t need to call the fire department.

Meanwhile, I saved the clothes.

Just a normal Monday. Really

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