Michelin Runner

It’s a crazy cold thirty degrees in the Florida panhandle tonight.

As I write this, I’m in front of the fire place with the (heat) thermostat cranked to seventy-four. I’m wearing sweater leggings, a tank top, a long-sleeve tee shirt, a hoodie sweat shirt, purple-polka-dot fuzzy socks, and I’m wrapped up in my purple, As-Seen-On-TV Snuggie blanket.


I grew up here. I know north Florida gets cold. But that doesn’t mean I ever got used to it. I’m not used to it. Period. It’s never cold for more than a day or two… Usually. For example, yesterday I ran in a tank top.

And tonight I’m freezing inside my house.

Tomorrow is forecast to be colder. And it’s a run day for me. In fact, we even have an advisory for tomorrow morning (when I’m supposed to run) that tells us to wear coats, hats and gloves when we go outside. Not kidding.


Uhmm. I don’t own gloves. And my Land’s End coat is only rated to twenty-five degrees.

And our power company called us with a recorded message to conserve electricity as they expect power lines might freeze. The news said bridges are closed due to the danger of important parts freezing… School will be closed, because you can’t go five miles in this town without crossing a bridge.

Apparently this is serious.

In an effort to dress appropriately as advised (socks for gloves?) I scoured Pinterest for an idea on how to dress for cold-weather run.

This is what I came up with:


I’m really feeling it. W.A.R.M.

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