Roller Coaster Blog Ride: Fakebook

Today is Throwback Thursday on Facebook. And I never remember it. Actually, that’s not exactly true; I remember it’s #TBT when I log in to Facebook ON Thursday. I mean seriously, how can you forget it? It’s so in-your-face. It’s just that I don’t always log in to Facebook on Thursday. Ssssh. Don’t tell anyone. I’ve become THAT person. Fakebook bores me.

At one time I attempted to have a Facebook page for this blog. And it became so labor intensive trying to decide if I should post my thought/comment/story to MY BLOG (here), or post it to my real-life-me Facebook page, or if I should post it to my blog’s Facebook page; so I just stopped blogging and posting. Anywhere. Altogether. For about a week. Because I was overwhelmed.

I am easily overwhelmed. Not fake-overwhelmed like my fake-OCD. I’m freakishly-easily overwhelmed. The library overwhelms me. Really. Hubs brings home three or four books for me to choose from; or I download books to my Kindle. Or, another example, having two smelly dogs, vacation laundry, and my teenager’s bedroom to clean all at once turns me into a ledge-walker. Not kidding. And Kelly’s List of Over-The-Edge-Overwhelmed-ness goes on… So of course two Facebook pages and one blog was going to overwhelm me. Duh. What was I thinking?

Hubs knew; he knew I was trying to keep too many apples in the air and he tried to warn me. But I know everything.

When I finally realized I wasn’t having fun anymore and I was overwhelmed (!), I brought myself back to why I blog. I’m not trying to become a blogging mogul. I’m just me. Putting my thoughts and stories out into cyberspace and if people like them, great. How fun! But ultimately I blog for me. I’d love to think there are other half-baked, fake-OCD people out there living zany, sitcom-style, messy lives too. We can be an online commune, share stories and not Baker Act each other. So I got rid of my blog’s Facebook page. I simplified. My new mantra: Keep it simple stupid.

I’m still on Instagram, but only because I love, love, love taking photographs. I always have. I don’t Tweet; it takes me fifty-eleven words to get to the point, so me Tweeting is a J.O.K.E. Period.

And now, I only have one Fakebook page; for the real me.

So last week when I stumbled across a page in my twenty-six year old son’s scrapbook (I went through that stupid scrapbooking phase in the 90s) with photos of him and his cousins, I decided it would be fun to share it with all of my family on Facebook. And then I forgot about it; I recall something about getting sidetracked with a nail polish color I saw in a magazine, and needing to find it right then…

Did I mention, I have fake-ADD? I’m not a doctor but I play one on the internet.

And WOW! When I logged into Facebook today IT WAS THROWBACK THURSDAY! Definitely a sign. I dug out the scrapbook page and scanned it. Since I’ve simplified my Facebook life, I didn’t get overwhelmed, and I posted it to my ONE page.

But because I’m an over-sharer, with fifty-eleven words to say… I wanted to share it with Y’all too.
Happy In-your-face #TBT

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