If The Thought Counts…

One of my closest friends had a birthday two weeks ago, and I’m sitting here looking at her birthday card; it’s all filled out and ready to be mailed; it’s been ready-to-go for at least a month. The reason I didn’t mail it? Oh. Well. I couldn’t think of the perfect gift.

Rationally I know it’s the thought that counts. And I know my friend doesn’t expect a gift from me on her birthday. But I’m not a rational person. I’m an over-thinking people pleaser with fake-OCD. Which means I stress out about gift giving occasions. I get overwhelmed. And then I flake.

Usually I have a gift in mind far in advance of the gifting occasion; then I decide on something different, something better. So I get the better gift. Then I rethink it, and decide to get another, even better gift. And then in a last minute panic, I end up gifting a teddy bear dipped in baby powder scented candle wax. Okay I never gave THAT gift, but I know someone who actually received one of those for Christmas and it looked like an electrocuted porcupine.

This year my initial birthday gift idea for my friend was to knit her a scarf. Last month I started knitting a scarf for her with the most beautiful blue/purple yarn. As soon as I was finished with the scarf I remembered: I knitted my friend a blue scarf for her birthday a few years ago. No kidding.

So then I decided to buy her an artsy-fartsy local-area calendar. I live in a resort town, and my friend lived here for several years too, but she recently moved away. And I know my friend misses the area. But then I remembered a conversation I had with my friend about how whenever she saw a reference to our area, she got “homesick,” and sad. Ugh. Not good. Scratch that idea.

I was stumped again and her birthday was approaching. Fast. So Hubs and I went shopping in trendy-yuppie Seaside and I looked for my favorite homemade soap store but I couldn’t find it.

So I bought this:


Not exactly homemade soap. More like random clutter. And it doesn’t even say Seaside Florida. WTH?! It reminds me of the time I bought another one of my closest friends a stupid-expensive light-switch plate cover for her birthday. I know. Really. But I did.

So three weeks ago, or a week before my friend’s birthday, I went back to the scarf idea. I decided I would just buy a different color yarn. (ALL of my yarn was light colored or pastels, which are colors that would not suit my friend, but still happened to be the color of the random item I picked up FOR MY FRIEND, in Seaside. I know WTH?!)

And so I bought the perfect yarn and I knitted and knitted.

Then I took a break and painted my house.

Then I went back to knitting. (I have fake-ADD too)

The scarf pattern I used said to cast on 12 stitches and that I only needed one skein of yarn for a scarf. Bullshit. Here I am, two weeks after my friend’s birthday, and I’m FINALLY finished with the scarf, and it’s the perfect length. For a Leprechaun.


Obviously I needed to get another skein of yarn and make the scarf longer AND IT HAD TO BE TODAY. I needed to finish this scarf and get this package in the mail. So I ventured out on our Snow Day here in north Florida. I had to make it quick because our town was shutting down, something about bridges icing over, black ice, and hazardous driving conditions. Whatever. I only had to cross two bridges, and this was important; I ran my quick errand to get a skein.

And the skein looked the same as the other one I used to knit the scarf. Sort of… Don’t you think?


It’s the exact same brand, same color and it was in the same bin at the store. Obviously it’s the same yarn. I mean, do the pictures really matter? Worst case scenario: one end of the scarf would be zig-zag, and the other end striped.

See. This is how it happens. I planned my friend’s birthday gift for more than six weeks, and I still ended up giving the electrocuted porcupine, and not the perfect gift.

Happy Belated Birthday T.

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