I Might Grow Grass

Our snow days are over.

The ice melted (yes, it really did melt into water), the roads and bridges reopened, I don’t have to bundle up like the Michelin Man, and life is back to normal.

Sort of.

My mouth hurts. My jaw is sore and I think I have TMJ or lockjaw from eating hard-as-marble homemade granola for two straight days.

See, what happened was…

The day before the ice storm hit I decided to make The Pioneer Woman’s homemade granola bars. I recently stumbled across the recipe and I had been thinking a lot lately about trying it out; not because we especially like granola, or honey, or anything that goes into the recipe; not even because I thought the photo of The Pioneer Woman’s homemade granola bars looked delicious.


I decided to make the Pioneer Woman’s granola bars based solely on the fact that The Pioneer Woman said my home would smell good if I made these bars. And I was feeling all nesty because Winter was coming… But she was right. My home did. Smell delicious. All day.

And my bars turned out perfectly.
I changed up The Pioneer Woman’s recipe a bit; I skipped the Rice Krispies, and added chia seeds, coconut and Crasins. If I make these again, I’ll probably skip the brown sugar too.

My homemade granola bars turned out sugary-sweet and delicious; more like hippie cookies than granola bars, but they were so good.

Which was so bad. We normally don’t keep anything sweet in our house because I don’t have any self control, and Hubs and I are usually training for marathons.

So of course during the whole forty-eight hour ice storm, the only thing I ate was hippie cookies. I ate so many damn hippie cookies I expected the chia seeds to start sprouting out of my pores when I took a shower. I’m still not convinced it won’t happen; it typically takes five to seven days for chia seeds to sprout, right? And my leg was super itchy a few minutes ago…

So I’ve made a mental note to plug my nose, boil water and gather towels next time I’m feeling nesty.

Wait. Do Chia Pets nest?


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  1. Noelle
    February 2, 2014 at February 2, 2014 #

    Ohhh that’s why I can’t make sweets! L asks for them, I make them, he eats one, and well……..

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