Magic 18

My youngest son Nic dropped a bomb on me and Hubs a couple of weeks ago; he said he wanted to attend a gamer’s convention in July, in Austin Texas, with two of his friends. All three of the boys will be eighteen years old by July. And you know. Eighteen. That magic age when you know everything and are capable of doing anything you want… Because you are an adult.

So my son wants to celebrate his coming-of-age by driving thirteen hours with two other inexperienced drivers to Austin for a gamer’s convention and stay in a hotel. Alone. With two other eighteen-year-olds. For four days. Over the July Fourth weekend. Hang on a minute while I pour myself a drink.

Of course I suggested I drive them to Austin, drop them off at the hotel and continue on to visit my friend in a nearby town. Something about that is embarrassing to Nic. Not. Sure. What.

Hubs checked out of our entire conversation because he thinks Nic’s whole Austin trip will fall apart between now and July. WTF? This isn’t Thelma and Louise. This is our planner kid and he has planned this all out. This will happen. I know better.

When Nic was eight years old he kept bugging us for a second dog. Neither Hubs nor I wanted a second dog. Finally, just to make Nic hush, Hubs told him if he could save up enough money ($350) he could buy a second miniature dachshund. Nic saved every penny he could get his hands on for a year. Literally. Nic saved every penny, quarter, nickel and all of his birthday and Christmas money. Nic purchased Shakespeare nine years ago this month.
When Nic sets his mind on something, it happens. Every. Single. Time.

So I know this trip will happen. And I know I could say no to this whole plan. Nic lives in our house and he plans to live here until he finishes his bachelors degree and heads to med school, and his car is in my name. So sure. I could play THAT card. But then what? I’ll tell you what: he moves out so he can do what he wants to do because I’m smothering him. Then he has to work full-time at a fast-food job to support himself while he takes a full college class load. His grades will suffer and he’ll lose his scholarship. Forget med school. And then he knocks-up some chain smoking, trailer park girl he meets while working long hours at the fast-food job, and he has to drop out of college to get a second job at a gas station. All because I wouldn’t let him go on a coming-of-age trip to Austin Texas with two of his friends.


Tonight Nic asked me for the credit card so he could buy his gaming convention tickets. Hubs wigged and looked like he was about to launch into a lecture but I gave him the evil eye and stopped him dead in his tracks…

“Nic is going to Austin. I told him he could go. I don’t want him to drop out of college, work two jobs and have a chain smoking baby momma.”

Uh. Okay. A lot can happen between now and July. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t wasting his money on a ticket he won’t use.

“Oh he’ll use it. They’re going. By the way, don’t forget you need to give Shakespeare a bath this weekend and squeeze his anal glands.”

3 comments on “Magic 18

  1. bensbitterblog
    February 12, 2014 at February 12, 2014 #

    Maybe I will go with him. What conference is it?

    • virtualendings
      February 12, 2014 at February 12, 2014 #

      Uhmm. Well. The conference isn’t really in Austin. Well it IS, but it’s not the one my son is actually going to; he is going to another major city, same distance, same holiday weekend… I just changed some facts to protect the innocent -er, teenager. The conference/convention I’m fictionally referring to in my blog is the RTR convention. But you can still go…

      • bensbitterblog
        February 13, 2014 at February 13, 2014 #

        That is nice of you to protect the innocent. One time I told my parents that I wanted to go to Texas for Thanksgiving from South Dakota and they thought I was crazy. When I realized I had the worlds worst car, I knew I couldn’t go. Just get him a really bad car and he will not want to go.

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