Molehills Aren’t Special

I woke up this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and popped on the television. As I sat down I realized The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was blaring on the TV.


Oh yeah.

It reminded me that I needed to get a Valentine for Hubs and the boys. I quickly found eCards online and sent out texts.

For Hubs:

For the boys (I had to include an explanation with this text, otherwise coming from your mother, this eCard would have been creepy-gross so I told them to pretend the picture was of a mother and a son):
They are not kissing. No. They are not.

Me and Hub’ wedding-moon anniversary is next week so we usually don’t do much more than eCards, booze and maybe take-out on Valentine’s Day because we usually mark our anniversary the following week. When we remember it. We only forgot once. Okay. Maybe twice.

Wedding-moon: We eloped to Vegas and did an all-in-one.

Next week will be our ninth anniversary but up until two weeks ago I thought it was going to be the tenth anniversary of our wedding-moon so I wanted to do something to mark our ten year milestone. I fully believe in celebrating milestones and I thought an anniversary run would be fun since we are both runners. I also figured we should do a run while I was still capable of running the number of years we’ve been married. You know, like I am not capble of running forty-seven miles on my forty-seventh birthday this year. That ship sailed long ago. But ten miles for our tenth anniversary? I can handle that. So for days I scoured the internet looking for local, organized, ten mile runs.

(I thought it would be so cool to have a race medal and a bib with our tenth anniversary date and “10 miles” on it. Okay. So I’m a dork. And by the way, I can’t do math either.).

At some point Hubs figured out my plan. And then he killed it…

“You know this will be our ninth anniversary. Right?”

“Well it feels like our tenth. Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure. We got married in 2005.”

Okay, so it’s not really my fault I got messed up because it feels like we’ve been married for twenty years. No really, it does. We have a seventeen year old son. Uhmm. Well. that part gets complicated.

Anyway, I stopped looking for an organized run. Nine years isn’t a milestone. In my mind milestone years have zeros after them, or at least fives; or they involve trying to choke back tears while you focus on your kid through a camera lens. At least, that’s how it has always worked for us.

And this morning, after I texted Hubs and the kids a Valentine I settled in to watch The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and our anniversary crossed my mind. Again. Okay, so I was reminded of our anniversary while watching a gangland slaying. But hey, I REMEMBERED IT. So I thought some more about how we would spend our NINTH.

Our anniversary day falls on a Saturday so I know we’ll definitely spend it together just like a normal Saturday. I decided we could still do NINE something, we just wouldn’t get any souvenir bling. Maybe we’ll bicycle nine miles like we did last weekend. Or maybe we’ll golf nine holes. Maybe we’ll run nine miles that weekend, just the two of us by ourselves like we do every weekend. And we’ll toast to us like we did last weekend, and Instagram a couplie (I just made that word up).

Yep. We are going to spend our wedding-moon anniversary just like we’ve spent almost every Saturday of past nine or twenty years. It’s going to be perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all.

This Valentine is for you:

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