This spring I’ll be forty-seven, and sadly it took me many years to appreciate the unparalleled beauty of Gulf Coast; to recognize that I grew up in paradise, and to value the uniqueness of living here as an adult, with miles and miles of beaches just minutes away from my front door.

But eventually I figured it out, and now I enjoy every minute of it. Especially this time of year.

I love Spring!

The longer, sun-filled days always seem to brighten my mood. Or maybe it’s the incursion of spring breakers, and the riddance snowbirds.

It could be the arrival of the MTV reality actors. And the Victoria’s Secret Pink Beach Party. And the annual free concert in the neighboring town with that whats-his-name-country-singer.

On second thought it’s just everything. Combined. The longer, warmer days, and the influx of youthful, positive, happy-go-lucky energy.

There is no place like paradise at home in the Springtime!

Here’s what I did this week…

I found a quiet beach ten minutes from my home.
I took a long walk.
I watched the dolphins play.
And I put my toes in the still-cool sand.
What did you do this week?

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