it’s a little bit blue

I’ve just finished back-to-work week three, and my mornings seemed to be getting smoother. Until yesterday.. When I ran out of soy milk, and I couldn’t make a breakfast smoothie so I decided to stop at McDonald’s on my way to work for an oatmeal.

As I drove into McD’s parking lot I saw a man riding a bicycle around the lot, and he looked like my friend’s dad so I waved (frantically), and smiled (big) at him. I was really happy to see my friend’s dad. Right?

The Bicycle Man excitedly reciprocated the smile and wave.

Then I parked my car and walked inside McD’s to order my oatmeal. As I did this I realized the Bicycle Man had circled back around the lot to smile and wave at me. Again.

And it wasn’t my friend’s dad.

My friend’s dad is in his late-seventies, and he is certainly not agile enough to ride a bicycle to a McDonalds that is thirty-plus miles from his house. WTF was I thinking?!

As I left McD’s with my oatmeal I noticed Bicycle Man had waited for me, and he eagerly followed me through the parking lot, waving and smiling, as I scurried to my car.

This morning I was still out of soy milk so I stopped at the same McDonalds for another oatmeal.

Bicycle Man was there waiting for me. I swear.

And he followed my car through the parking lot again, waving and smiling. I didn’t go inside McDs to order my oatmeal this morning. I used the drive-thru.

Then I texted Hubs to ask him to go to the grocery today. I need soy milk.


And I got this:
Close enough. This is an emergency.

3 comments on “it’s a little bit blue

  1. bensbitterblog
    April 16, 2014 at April 16, 2014 #

    My wife once asked me to get pico de gallo at a restaurant and instead of getting the fresh stuff at the restaurant, I went to a Mexican grocery store and got some powdered stuff in a can. Never live that one down.

    • virtualendings
      April 19, 2014 at April 19, 2014 #

      Powdered pico de gallo? Isn’t that called a spice? …So like did you go to a real Mexican grocery, or an Indian Mexican Grocery?

      • bensbitterblog
        April 19, 2014 at April 19, 2014 #

        To a Mexican grocery. Still living that one down.

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