ive been busy running half marathons, building legos, peeing in cars and stuff

Well, it’s been a week or so since I last blogged, and a lot has happened… I quit my new job because it was sheer chaos; I started my own business; we traveled to Nashville and ran the Rock ‘n Roll Country Music Marathon and Half; I built the coolest Lego truck, and I unsuccessfully peed in a water bottle and set off the car alarm.

Hmmm. Where do I begin?

I’ll start with the Rock ‘n Roll Nashville marathon… It was AWESOME this year. Last year it rained over an inch during the run, it was fifty degrees and my misery showed in my blog about the event.

This year, the weather was in the mid-seventies, sunny and perfectly breezy. Hubs ran his first full marathon, and I RAN my first half (last year I had to walk it because of a stress fracture, and our Disney run was just a ten-miler so it doesn’t count).

Last Saturday was truly the perfect day for a run, and the people of Nashville really pulled together for this event like they do every year, rain or shine.

My favorite part of this run was reading all of the signs held by the spectators.

The high fives were great, the music was awesome (and wasn’t all country -yay), and the twerking lemon was funny too. I also looked forward to seeing the guy who sits at the end of his driveway on eighteenth street and toasts the runners with champagne (last year a butler held an umbrella over his head).

But the signs kept me going; they made me snort laugh and pushed me when I was running uphill and felt like I wasn’t moving forward.

One of the best signs I saw this year was around mile ten.

And let me just tell you, by my ten I usually hit a mental wall. I start to question WTF I’m doing. I’m a raving bitch. At mile ten I’m willing to squish a small child and steal his lawn chair. And. Just. Stop. I don’t love-love running.

And right around mile ten, I saw this sign, “Run like you are in the subway being chased by Frank Underwood.” And I laughed out loud like a crazy loon for the next three-point-one-uphill miles.

Thank you Random Stranger. Your sign was perfectly timed and probably saved a small child.

By the way, the new Rock ‘n Roll CMM Nashville course IS ALL UPHILL mountain-style. It’s nice to be able to park at LP Field and walk to the starting line; cause like, last year we paid a mint for “premium parking” because it included a shuttle bus to the start line, and our shuttle bus got lost (no shit) so we got to the starting line late.

So yeah, I’m glad they moved the starting line and it’s worth the extra ten bucks they charge you now for “premium parking” so you can park super close to the start/finish line. It’s a quick walk from “premium parking” to the start line, and you don’t get lost. Then when you are done running uphill thirteen or twenty-six miles, it’s a short walk to your car. All for ten bucks. Perfect.

But the mountainous hills? Seriously Rock ‘n Roll organizers? That was a tad surprising. And not just to us…

I walked like the Happy Hooker for two days post-half-marathon, and Hubs pulled a hamstring. We don’t have mountainous hills in Florida so when we thought we were hill-training, we were really ant-hill-hopping.

Oh well. We both finished. And we are fine now. A week later.

I’ll tell you about the Lego story next time. I know you are just dying to know about how I managed that one!


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  1. ksbeth
    May 4, 2014 at May 4, 2014 #

    you need to pick up the pace a bit ) best of luck with all – beth

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