Running halfs, building legos, peeing in cars -part 2

While I was in Nashville for the half marathon a couple of weeks ago I got to visit with a very special little boy, L. The opportunity to visit with my sweet little guy and his mom (and Dad), was the main reason we chose the Rock ‘n Roll event there in the first place.

L’s mom and I are close. I got to be there when L was born and during his birth an unexplainable bond formed between L, his mom and me. So while I usually don’t like other people’s kids (really, I don’t), L is the exception. L holds a piece of my heart.

So the entire time we were in Nashville I fumbled for a morsel of L’s attention just like I did with each one of my sons when they were six-almost-seven and card carrying members of the he-man-women-haters-club.

And when we took L birthday shopping he picked out a Lego Spiderman truck thing. Then he asked me to build it.

Let me be clear here… L wanted me to build the Lego truck because he wanted Hubs’ full attention. Not because he had faith in my ability. And that’s cool. I figured I’d seize the opportunity to impress L because I can build the shit out of Legos. Afterall, I did raise three male Lego-loving humans.

As I set out to show-off my mad Lego skills, L decided to help me by emptying the Lego box on the desk of our hotel room.

Just. Dumping. It. Out.
I bit my lip and quickly hid my horror. Oh-my-gawd! It’s a mess. Where do I start. This is so overwhelming. it’s worse than the library! And they make the pieces so much smaller now! Shit. Shit. Shit.

I went to find my glasses.


I guess at that point L figured I was in over my head so he started to rummage through the pile to look for Spiderman parts. Pieces went everywhere.

I started breathing rapidly. And I noticed the book had fifty-eleven-pages. I couldn’t believe that little car HAD A BOOK of instructions. Not a pamphlet. A BOOK. And the book read like Thoreau.

My fake-OCD kicked-in.

I started to organize and catagorize all of Legos. The sixers; the long bars; the short bars; the smooth-on-one-side bars; the twos; the roundy-ones; the roundy-ones-with-corners; the wheels; the flats… And so on.

Deep breath.

L finished Spiderman in five minutes and then lost interest. I guess he decided swimming with Hubs-his-favorite would be much more fun than building a Lego truck with Crazy-Control-Freak-hyper-ventilating-Kelly.

Nearly two hours later, when L and Hubs came back from the pool I had just finished Spiderman’s street lamp, Octoman and the truck. Plus we even had some leftover pieces. Lego is so thoughtful.

L was impressed. For like five seconds. Then he told Hubs-his-favorite that he was hungry and asked him if he could take him to the lobby for warm cookies.

I did get a hug. And that was worth fumbling through fifty-eleven Thoreau Lego Spiderman trucks. Just… Maybe next year.

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  1. Noelle Rose Tabor
    May 11, 2014 at May 11, 2014 #

    It looks awesome!

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