keeping up with myself

I love fitness gadgets.

Anything that measures my activity and prompts me to compete against myself makes me want it. Bad.

Competitive much? I need the t-shirt.

I must have blown through fifteen pedometers and Weight Watchers calculators back in the pre-smart phone day. When smart phones came along I used calorie counting and mileage Apps. There were a few good calorie counting Apps, but I stopped counting my calories a few years ago. I never really found a mileage App that I liked. I used the Nike App for a long time but it was unreliable and overall sucky, so I sprung for a Garmin about six months ago and I’m deeply in love.

Then the FitBit came along by way of my teenager, he is a gadget-addict too. I got a closer look and decided that I must have a FitBit. Now.

I’ve been admiring this beauty for a long time. It tracks your sleep! Seriously. It tells you how many restless minutes you have every night. Hubs wondered what other nighttime activity it tracked…

The FitBit tracks other stuff too, like your daily steps, your active minutes and if you want, you can also load it up with your daily food intake so it will track your calories. You can also set alarms to make it vibrate, and other cool stuff, blah, blah.
Bottom line is that the FitBit is really AMAZING for people who like self-competition, like me, or those who like to compete with friends.

This morning when I went for a run (in 94 degree weather, with 100% humidity) I glanced down at my itchy, sweaty wrist and I had to laugh.
gadget wrist
I could definitely give Inspector Gadget a (slow and sweaty) run for his money.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.46.45 AM

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