Hubs and I made Saturday plans.

We planned to bicycle through St Andrews State Park with friends today.

Which we did.

St Andrews is an awesome and huge state park in Panama City, which is about an hour away from where we live. It has primitive campgrounds, a beach area on the Gulf, jetties, a fishing pier, alligators, an old turpentine mill, snakes and swamps…
And a lot of roads which make it the perfect place for bicycling with friends on a hot day when your distance vision is questionable. There is a lot to see.

Or not see. Whatever. I was in contact-training.

Plus, we planned to take a dip in Gulf if we got too hot.

Which we did.

I don’t usually get in the Gulf because it’s too salty and it makes my skin feel tight, gritty and weird. But I did today. I was HOT.

Then we walked the pier and watched the fisherman.
This is mullet. A gross but popular fish they catch off with a net. We actually have a local festival centered around this fish. Yes. We. Do.

Then we planned to head someplace, have a lunch and a few cocktails.

Which we did.

Then we planned to head home, meet up with some other friends at the dockside bar at the end of our street, have a few more cocktails, and watch the sunset over the bay.

Which we did. Not.

I fell asleep in the car on the way home and when I woke up I had slobber stuck to the side of my face and I wanted to peel the contacts out of my eyes and take a hot shower.

After my shower I wanted to have a cup of hot tea while I caught up on the last few episodes of Penny Dreadful. With Hubs, because it’s scary as shit.

And that is ALL I wanted to do. Period.

So we did. F&%k the sunset.

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