got the sun in my eyes

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous -Albert Einstein

Eight months ago we met on a rainy day, at a crappy beach in the Virgin Islands. We drank overpriced fancy drinks and despite our age difference, we talked like long lost friends while our husbands chatted awkwardly, bought our drinks, and made sure we were “safe.” Then we parted ways, both thinking we’d never see each other again.

Hours later on that very same day, we met again. This time we sat on a bench, we talked for (what seemed like) hours, and we drank duty-free vodka wrapped in a brown paper bag, mixed with warm club soda by our fingers in a paper cup. Our husbands were more relaxed, and their conversation was a little-bit-less awkward.
We knew when we returned home there would be a many states between us, so when we left the bench that day, we exchanged Facebook names on torn pieces of brown paper bag, with a pen borrowed from a confused Dutchman.

It is a coincidence that she planned a vacation near my hometown.

Yesterday we met at a beautiful beach. On a sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky.

We drank warm vodka with club soda, and we talked for hours. Our husbands chatted like old friends. I met her children. My children are grown.

We didn’t want the day to end, even though I will see her in a few months.
It is a coincidence that I’ve planned a vacation near her hometown.

We promised to be friends forever. I think it will be so.

Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences. ― Emery Allen

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