i have a smurf-blue belly button

I spent my Fourth of July at The Color Run.

Hubs refused to run The Color Run with me because he said it was gay; which in my non-homophobe-marathoner-husband’s language I translated to mean he didn’t want to do it because it wasn’t a serious, hardcore, timed run and he didn’t want to be doused in color. Fine.

I registed by myself and I planned to run it alone. Afterall, it was only three miles and I’d be done in a little over thirty minutes.

As luck would have it I caught up with a friend who planned to do The Color Run too, and I decided to walk/run it with her and her daughters -at their pace, because they aren’t runners. And I’m not a hardcore marathoner like Hubs anyway. I do half marathons. I only run to eat.

I can walk a 5k. I can do a run just for F.U.N.

For the run I wore all white, like a Leftover cult member, and my teenager’s Whataburger sunglasses, with the Bruce-Jenner-style sweatband that came in my swag bag.

Basically I looked like Oliva Newton John dressed up like Tommy Chong. Here I am before the run, all clean:
photo 2-8

The Color Run started at 8:00AM, and I walked approximately the first quarter mile with my friend and her daughters. Then we started to run. And I ran. And ran. And ran. And before I realized it I was halfway done. I looked back …And they just weren’t behind me. I dusted them. Oops.

Ssshtt Hubs. I am NOT a hardcore runner.

I met Hubs at the finish line, and later we caught up to my friend and her daughters at the after party… Where we all had a F.U.N. time. Even Hubs.
photo 4-4

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