just. like. that.

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I saw this infogram on Facebook a few minutes ago and I was shocked. Horrified. Worried.

Hubs and I LOVE to read, our boys are all avid readers (even as adults), and we all LOVE bookstores; in fact, new books were treats for our kids when they were little. How could somebody not love to read? Not love to wander through a bookstore?

I read it out loud to Hubs.

And he said…

That’s bullshit. How do they know that? That’s like saying 80% of sharks only like tuna. They get 25 people in a room, and there you go. That’s how they get their statistics. So 20% of the population is supporting all the giant bookstores? That’s just dumb.

POP! *that was my worry-bubble bursting*

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