sea monkey challenge

Along with stepping up my miles for the fourth (or fifth?) half marathon I’m running in seven weeks, I’m doing the 30 Day Plank Challenge this month.

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I’m planking a minute-a-day for eleven days until the challenge calendar exceeds my ability, and I’m doing my planks on my hands; because I can.

As with any challenge, I should take a before photo and post it. Right?


After seven major abdominal surgeries, growing three humans and stumbling through middle age as gracefully as a bulldozer, I question the mere existence of my abdominal muscles.

Therefore I will not post a Before photo.

And I know, I know, this challenge isn’t like Sea Monkeys. I’m not going to grow abs in 30 days.

Therefore I will not post an After photo. Either.

But hey, if it magically happens…

Honestly though, I’m not looking for magic. I don’t want to squeeze my forty-seven year old ass into low-rider jeans with bedazzled pockets, or a string bikini. I just want to build my core strength.

The hardest part of my last half marathon wasn’t the running part. It was maintaining my form; keeping my abs sucked in and my shoulders in line with my hips to support my lower back -specifically my wonky L5 vertebrae.

During my last half marathon I maintained my form, but I was pretty tired by mile ten and I slowed down quite a bit by mile twelve. Even in my sunny yellow #swirlgear top I looked like a Walking Dead zombie. Of course, the mountains I ran up and up, AND UP, were a factor too.
So… For my next half, I want to make better time and that’s why I’ve incorporated more core work into my training and I’m trying the plank challenge. At the end of thirty days I’m supposed to be able to do a five minute plank, better than an elephant. I’ll keep you posted…
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