to watch or not to watch

Hubs wanted to rent Divergent tonight but I said no.

I’m in the midst of forcing Hubs to binge-watch The Killing on Netflix. Not hard-core-binge-watch. I mean, I let him go to work, run and eat…

I don’t know if Hubs actually wanted to see Divergent, or if he just wants a break from Linden and Holder. For. One. Night. Since he keeps asking me if I want a break. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

To be honest, after our binge-fest of The Killing, I’m not sure I even want to see Divergent. I’m not a fan of sci-fi, teenagers or dystopian dramas, in general.

I read Hunger Games with my youngest son years ago just so I had something to talk about with my then-preteen.

As it turned out I loved the trilogy. I loved it so hard that when I finished the second book at two in the morning, I couldn’t wait for my kid to wake up and share the book with me from his Kindle. So I bought it again.

We are the proud owners of two Kindle copies of The Mockingjay.

I’m just not sure about Divergent. I mean, besides what appears to be another Twilighty-dystopian-sci-fi-drama, I grew up watching the Lenny Kravtiz and Lisa Bonet romance and its subsequent implosion. They’re my age.

So there’s that.

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