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Hubs and I just got back from doing our major-heavy-duty-grocery-super-shopping.

Power. Style.

For those of you that don’t live in a tourist town, let me explain power style grocery shopping to you. We hurry to the closest (large) Walmart before the tourists arrive because they clog up the aisles with long-lost-third-cousins and loaded-down grocery carts, and leave empty shelves behind. When we get to Walmart we split up. Divide and conquer. Hubs and I race through the grocery store and we each complete our portion of the grocery list, kind of like they do on Cutthroat Kitchen. Then we meet up at the checkout line. It works.

We do this every Saturday of the Summer. Saturday is turnover day. And if you live in a tourist town, you know exactly what I mean.

As we are standing in the check-out line, Hubs is antsy (read: crabby) because are running later than usual with our Saturday errands, and the clock is inching closer to three (zero hour).

And I’m not even going to mention traffic.

Hubs grabs a Diet Coke out of the cooler by the checkout line.. And I let out an excited scream!

Hubs: Huh?

Me: Look! That Coke has my name on it!

Hubs: Whaa. Why do they do that? When did Coke start putting names on their labels?

Me: In June! Where have you been? Oh-my-gawd! I want that one!

Hubs: You don’t even drink soda. And what do you mean where have I been? I don’t work online like you. How would I know?

Me: Ssssh! You make me sound like a prostitute! And I want that Coke! It has my name on it! See. It says you have to share it with me. I want to keep it.

Hubs: Fine. You can have the bottle when I’m done drinking it.

Me: I’m not keeping an empty bottle. Then it’s garbage. I want to keep the full Coke.

Hubs: Geesch. Fine. But I never want to hear you bitch about Nic keeping empty bottles in his room.

Me: Nic collected trash. He was nine. That was different.

Hubs grabbed another Coke.

Hubs: Is Steve okay? Or what about Jason? Jason was in there.

I just smiled at him and shook my head.

Hubs: So? Can I drink Steve? Do we know a Steve?

Me: Go ahead. Drink Steve. I don’t know a Steve.

The guy behind us (in line): I’m Steve.

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  1. Mrs.Me_C
    August 13, 2014 at August 13, 2014 #

    This is too funny and coincidentally my daughter (who happens to work at a Walmart Neighborhood Market) and I were in a Walmart Super Center and prior to this extravagant trip we sporadically decided that we needed to take, she had mentioned that her boss (Charles) had given her this odd assignment of finding him, that is…on the new Coke bottles. So as we were placing our prospective items on the belt to be purchased I looked over and noticed that there were cold Coke’s in the fridge and immediately recollected my daughter’s words from that conversation and began looking for his name…found it! I was excited for her, she was excited for him and so we took it home, she made a gift tag for it saying ” I found your name!”, gave it to him the next day to his surprise and all was good! These Coke’s are gonna be the next fad!

    • virtualendings
      August 13, 2014 at August 13, 2014 #

      Funny! The person behind this marketing idea is brilliant.

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