we’re fixed so it’s not THAT something

One of my BFFs, Tanya, is a hair stylist, and between her jam-packed schedule and mine, it’s hard to get an appointment; seriously, it’s like aligning planets…so Tanya makes a house call for me every now and then, and I make us lunch.

Today Tanya came over to put “just a few more” strands of red in my hair. She was here a few weeks ago and put some red in my hair and I loved it. Today she added more red, and some more of my regular blonde highlights.

We started chatting, ate lunch, and quickly lost track of time. Tanya had to rush off to an appointment so she left me with specific instructions…this is the part where I tell those of you who don’t know me that I’m not patient with the frilly shit

“In ten minutes, rinse your hair in cool water, and leave the papers ON your hair, that way the red lowlights won’t bleed on the blonde highlights.”

Got it. Easy-peasy. I assured her I could handle it. I set my phone timer so I wouldn’t get sucked into a work-hole, and I sat down at my desk to check my email.

My timer went off. Just a second…almost done with this reply…okay.

I decided to hop in the shower because that seemed like the easiest, quickest way to rinse my whole head with papers on it. I have a large head y’all.

ve showr
My shower looked like a crime scene.

So I didn’t do a very good job of keeping the red from merging with the blonde because I sort of scrubbed it all together with shampoo after the papers fell out…well some didn’t fall out, some got tangled in my hair…and that’s how it splashed all over the walls.
And then I was so busy par-drying my hair so I could text a picture to Tanya and make it to my conference call, that I forgot to clean out the bottom of the shower before Hubs got home from work.

Okay. In my defense I also had to wait for the shower to drain ’cause the papers were clogging it up.

Fortunately Hubs wasn’t grossed out, and he didn’t lose his cookies.

I’m the only female in the house, besides one of our dogs, and we are both, well…the dog is fixed and I lost my junk years ago.

Hubs just calmly asked WTF happened in the shower? I think he figured it was a craft project or something…but he knew it wasn’t THAT something. And before I could answer him, he saw my hair, smiled big, and said…

“Hey Red.”

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