it just depends on the thing

I’m not participating in this month’s NaBloPoMo, however when I saw today’s writing prompt I couldn’t resist jumping in for one day because I’ve recently talked about this whole situation with a friend.

*And this is just my opinion…I’m not a qualified medical professional; I just grew up in an abusive family, had several years of counseling, and my fair share of toxic relationships over the years.

Do you find it more helpful to talk things out, or let things quietly rest?

My opinion: all of it. And then some.

If the relationship is worth it, and someone does something that upsets you, then I think you should tell them how you feel, give them a chance to explain, and talk things out. Clear the air.


If the relationship isn’t worth it, or if it’s not a big thing, then quietly let things rest and move past it.


However…if one person in the relationship is upset,  and wants to talk things out…you should talk about it if you care about the other person and the relationship.

It gets muddy if you are in a relationship and you are upset,  and the other person ignores you.

If  that happens, and you express your feelings to the other person in the relationship and they ignore you, and then days later the other person pretends as if nothing ever happened; that’s a relationship red flag. And the other person’s damage.


Obviously, this act screams you have been minimizing yourself for the sake of the relationship for a long time. And in this situation it’s best to let things quietly rest, and  walk away.

In my opinion, it’s all of it. And then some. Because it really just depends on the thing, the importance relationship, and choosing your battles with wisdom.


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  1. DaveandDeniseDorman
    September 1, 2014 at September 1, 2014 #

    Well said!

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