things i learned (the hard way) in ohio

Hubs and I ran the USAF Marathon last Saturday. We built a vacation around our destination-marathon, and lingered in Dayton for a week to spend precious time with a dear friend. It was marvelous. The trip-part was marvelous that is…the marathon…well.

I didn’t know in advance, the course was a Boston and Olympic Qualifier, nor that it was certified by Track and Field (or maybe Road and Track?). Read: it was a hard as f%$k course.

But we finished. Both of us. Hubs did the full, twenty-six-point-two, and I did the half marathon. Both of us PR’d, according to our Garmins…which is what every runner hopes to achieve (unless they’re a Kenyan).

This is my headband.

This is my headband.

And as with every half marathon (this was my fourth), I learned valuable lessons…key-take-aways, like:

1.) Don’t eat a Chipotle’s burrito bowl for dinner the night before you run; twelve hours is not enough time to digest the after-effects of Tex-Mex. Trust me on this.

2.) If you accidentally eat Tex-Mex (because it smells so good) twelve hours before you run a half marathon…make sure to tuck a full roll of Rolaids in your hip-pack…three Rolaids will not be enough. Trust me on this. Too.

3.) Don’t get a pedicure the day before you run thirteen-point-one miles. Even if you tell the pedicurist to leave your hard-earned calluses in place…most of those words will get lost in translation. Trust me here, times three.

You’ll end up with a big fat blister on the bottom of your foot that will hurt more than your muscles and your lower back and your abs all together, after eight miles. And then you’ll still have five more miles to go with painful shit going on in your shoe.

Big. Fat. Blister.

Big. Fat. Blister.

4.) Check out the elevation of your course a few months before you run so you can train appropriately. This should probably be number one because it is especially important if you’re geographically-challenged like me. No Kelly, Ohio isn’t as flat as Florida.

I should have known in advance that my course was super-technical…but noooo. I found out the night before while perusing the program and eating a burrito bowl.

Ohio is not flat.

Ohio is not flat.

(Okay, for marriage-harmony reasons I have to add here that Hubs told me months ago my course was super-technical, but I dismissed him because I had been to Ohio one time before, and I knew shit; like Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone. Plus, I didn’t remember any serious hills.)

5.) Thirteen miles is a long-ass way, y’all. I mean, it doesn’t seem like it when you’re training and you’ve run it several times…you kind of feel like a bad ass. So I blew it off…it’s only a half. But it is a really long distance to run on short legs, especially when you’re carrying last night’s Chipotle and wearing a big-ass blister.
So, there you have it. My personal take-away-lessons from the USAF half marathon.

I learn the hard way…yo.

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