i ditched the mom thing today

It’s really cool how parenting morphs into an almost-friendship with your kid when they reach a certain age…like say…mid-twenties.

Two of my sons are on their own, living completely independent, adult-style, twenty-something lives, so I feel like I can relax The Mom routine. A bit. Sometimes.

I feel like I can take a break from being the rule-monger, and ditch the I-am-the-boss-of-you…to just have fun. In a non-Dina-Lohan way.

Today I spent the whole day with my middle son, we had lunch and shopped.
He bought dri-wick, sports underwear and I embarrassed him in front of the cashier at the check-out. Seriously, those underpants look like man-Spanx and I want grandchildren someday.

He rolled his eyes when I chose blue nail polish, but he is color-blind so I told him it was red.

OPI Russian Navy (or “red”)

He advised me while I tried on nude, high-heel pumps. He preferred I wear an orthopedic style shoe.

And then he waited patiently while I stood in line and bought a dress I’ll never wear.

On the way home we stopped for drinks and we toasted his late grandfather. We laughed, talked about life, and dropped f-bombs. I got Tabasco in my eye.

Tabasco eye

Tabasco eye

We were almost-friends today. And it was cool.

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