happy ordinary day

My husband likes his birthday to be “quiet and low-key, just like any other day.”

And since low-key and quiet doesn’t come naturally to me (I spend a week celebrating my birthday yo) I spent years pushing his birthday-boundary, planning surprise parties, and forcing birthday dinners on him. And the parties and dinners always sucked. As I write this the words disastrous and uncomfortable immediately come to mind…


Over the last several years I wised up. Probably because of aging and all the wisdom that comes with it. Yep. I got birthday wise. And now I just believe him. I know he is happy to do what he wants, and I am happy he is happy, on his (seriously blah) birthday.

On normal weekend days Hubs goes paddle boarding or golfing. So this year when I noticed he had loaded his clubs in the back of his VW, I didn’t think anything of it…I figured he planned to go golfing on his day of birth, after we ran errands.

Normal and boring.

So we left the house early with our list of errands.

First up, new running shoes for me. Four stores later, I found the right fit in an acceptable color (I am not wearing black running shoes. They make me look like the lunchroom lady).

Next was a furniture store; I needed new furniture for my home office (a just-right desk, a comfy desk chair, and a comfy-cheery sleeper chair).

As we left the furniture store a few thousand dollars later, our errand run was interrupted by a phone call from our eighteen year old son. He called and talked to his dad, and told him his car was dead.

Hubs said four words to me: Nic’s car is dead. And then he did a quick freak-out chair dance because he doesn’t know how to fix cars..and he doesn’t do well with vehicular-hiccups. Hubs just kept shaking his head and mumbling “we bought a brand new it-will-survive-a-nuclear-bomb-Toyota so this wouldn’t happen. What could be wrong with it?”

And I quickly went in to problem-solver mode. I did math. I determined the car was still under warranty, and that soothed Hubs a little bit. Then I asked Hubs to tell me exactly what our son said…you know, like what led up to the car’s death..? And the only three words Hubs could recall from the entire fifteen minute conversation with our son…? My. Car. Died.

Seriously? You didn’t ask why? I’m so glad our son isn’t bleeding.

I called our kid and in two minutes I learned that he had spent an hour and a half in the car with the radio and a/c running…but not the engine. B-I-N-G-O

Hubs was back to his coherent and happy self. We drove home to get supplies. Then we drove across town to the college to jump-start (or whatever that is called) our son’s car.

Then we went to the grocery store. The last line-item on our list of errands.

By the time we got home it was late in the day and nearly dark, courtesy of falling back an hour. Hubs’ afternoon of golf was not in the cards.

As I watched Hubs unload his golf clubs from the trunk of his car, I kind of felt sad for him…for a like second. Afterall, this was just a normal day. Quiet and low-key. Exactly what he wanted.

Happy birthday Hubs.

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