the first five days

I’ve been skirting around the Paleo lifestyle, eating only REAL foods, for years. As part of my bio-identical hormone journey back in 2012, I cut out all soda and fake sugars, and I have never reintroduced them. Over the years I’ve continued to improve my eating habits, and now I eat about 75-80% clean.

I truly believe what you put in your body directly corresponds to what you get out of it.

So when a friend, and then another friend, and then another friend, told me about Whole30, right at the time I was reevaluating my eating habits, and planning to make improvements, I decided to read the book. I felt like I was being pulled in this direction.

First I bought the Whole30 book on Kindle. I was hooked by the third chapter, so I downloaded It Starts With Food (the author’s first book) on Audible so I could listen to it at the gym, too. I also ordered the hard copy of Whole30 on Amazon, because this is a book you really need to feel, highlight, and refer back to; the information is that good.


I signed up for the Whole30 Daily emails, and started my journey.

So here I am. Barely a week into my thirty days, and I am realizing my experience is very different from the norm. I can’t identify with what the Daily Whole30 emails say I should be feeling…because I feel great.

Here is my diary of the first five days:

Day 1:

Today was easy. I was prepared mentally prepared to skip my son’s birthday cookie-cake, and I planned out my meals, so the day went smoothly.

I actually had a moment where I thought: this isn’t so hard! Although, I’m sure those words will come back to haunt me.

I found myself very hungry today, so I ate four meals.

The food hangover: I read about the fatigue and the headache, but since I’m a fairly clean eater, and a non-soda drinker, I didn’t expect it really impact me. Ha. Early evening time, a slight nagging headache started, and fatigue set-in.  The headache was nothing major, but it progressed as the night went on, to the point where sought relief via Advil.

The slight fatigue had me in bed reading at 9:30pm, which was actually  great, although highly unusual for this night owl, and I slept like a log.

Day 2:

I woke up with a full-blown hangover headache, diarrhea, and a little cluster of acne on my cheek, but still full of willpower. In fact, I felt like I could do this forever

I made a point to eat a three much larger meals today. It was hard, but I managed to stuff it all in. It made a difference. I was hungry at the appropriate times, satisfied between meals and after dinner.

I also noticed the more water I drank, the more the headache subsided (it was instant relief), and so did the fatigue. I didn’t have the malaise, extreme fatigue or even feel run-down in the way the book described. I mostly just didn’t have the stamina to do my long run, so I cut it short.

The whole food hangover thing was over for me by mid-day, so overall, it lasted less than 24hrs.

Plot Twist: I slipped and fell hard right before bed. My left knee met the hard ceramic tile kitchen floor, and my big toe hit the corner of the kitchen island (which is apparently pretty sharp if you hit it just-so). I spent the rest of the night in the ER.


Needless to say, my sleep was restless.

Day 3:

Although I spent most of the day at the doctor’s office, I managed to stay on track with my food choices. I didn’t have any of the fatigue and the headache was completely gone, and so was the cluster of acne! I did notice, however, that I peed. A lot.

I’m still not hungry in the mornings, but I eat anyway, before coffee, as the book recommends. And I’m sticking to three huge (for me) meals a day.

I don’t have any of the cravings, the mood swings or the fatigue. I feel great. Well. Except for the fractured kneecap thing.

I must add here, that they weighed me at the doctor’s office. I know that is technically cheat, but it was out of my control, it was literally done to me, so I’m not counting it as a cheat. Anyway, I have already lost five pounds. And since the biggest difference between Whole30, and my normal diet is legumes and dairy, I found that very interesting.

Sleep: restless, but I attribute it more to my injury than to my food choices.

Day 4 & 5:

Trucking right along. Again, no cravings, no acne, no headache, no food hangover. The book also says I should be bitchy, angry and questioning my decision…no. no. and no.

What I am questioning, however, is if I am doing this right; so I consulted the forum, and learned that it IS normal for some people to have an easier time with the Whole30 lifestyle, than others. Usually it’s the people who ate mostly clean to begin with –and that’s me. If you don’t count the Talenti and French fries I ate the night before starting this journey.

Still not hungry at breakfast. Still eating before coffee, and within an hour of waking up, like the book says. Still eating three large –but not huge meals a day, because my exercise level is very limited.

Because of my mobility issue, hubs, who is not participating in my Whole30 journey, is doing all the cooking and shopping (thank God for unlimited cell phone minutes). So far, so good. He has mastered our new Instapot (he hasn’t blown his face off, yay), and found a great blog to feed me from

And my taste buds have awakened! I just ate a peach and I wondered why anyone ever thought adding heavy syrup to peaches was a good idea –they are so sweet and delicious by themselves!

Sleep: still sucks. And still attributing it to sleeping with an immobilizer-cast.


I’m not missing the half and half in my coffee, which I figured would be the hardest part of this journey. Coconut milk is different, but not bad. I want to try coconut cream so I’ve ordered it from Amazon (some things hubs just can’t find), and it will be here tomorrow (thank you Prime)…I’ll keep you posted.

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