Day 30 of Whole30and all I care about is
Today is Day 32 of my Whole30 challenge.  Yep, I did it! I lasted the whole thirty days, and then some.

Over the past month I have had many non-scale victories; clearer skin, thicker hair, better sleep, more energy, zero bloating, and a very even mood –which is huge for me, just ask my husband.

I also lost about four inches in my waist, and I lost some girth in my arms and legs, too.  I’m down nearly two sizes in my clothes, so I know I’ve lost weight; but I’m not weighing myself. I have a huge head and that skews the scale, and I want to keep on feeling good about my accomplishment, so I’m not going to let a number define my success. (For like the next five seconds, anyway.)

And I have decided to keep going with the Whole30 eating plan, at least for the next eight days.  I truly miss nothing, not even dairy. Well, okay. I miss…vodka.  Which is why, in eight days, I will venture off the Whole30 plan to have a celebratory drink, or three, while I’m in Nashville visiting my friend. Although, maybe I should test the effects of vodka on my clean system, before I’m in a bar. In Nashville. 

Today is day 29 post kneecap fracture. I can now run for a solid hour without pain; small victory there, but not enough to make a dent in my hill-training for the USAF half marathon, which is in exactly 29 days. Therefore, I’ve decided to sit it out; no bling for me. Hubs still plans to run the entire 26.2, and we’re plotting how he can snag an extra medal at the finish line, because I like to have an even-Steven number of medals on our rack…I’m blaming my fake-OCD.

In 78 days we are running the Savannah RnR half, and  29 days after that, I am running the Diva Half in St. Augustine…and the Diva medal will get paired up with my giant Magnolia Meltdown medal; keeping the display even.
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And 34 days after the Diva, I’m running the Mississippi Blues (half) Marathon, which is the premiere running event in Mississippi. It is so good, in fact, that while I was running (and puking) during a different half marathon in Mississippi, another runner randomly told me I should run the Blues, too, because it was way better, and really the best running event in Mississippi. So…if you want to run the best event in Mississippi, check out the MS Blues Marathon, and use my code: KKMBM16, for $10 off. You have like, 141 days left to train -plenty of time.

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