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Magic 18

My youngest son Nic dropped a bomb on me and Hubs a couple of weeks ago; he said he wanted to attend a gamer’s convention in July, in Austin Texas, with two of his friends. All three of the boys will be eighteen years old by July. And you know. Eighteen. That magic age when

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Yes Sir, That’s My Dobby

Do you ever look for pieces of yourself in your kids? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I look for resemblances because I had C-sections; I went to sleep pregnant and woke up with a screaming baby and everybody said yeah, he’s yours. And I just believed them. Seventeen year old Nic is my youngest son,

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Roller Coaster Blog Ride: Fakebook

Today is Throwback Thursday on Facebook. And I never remember it. Actually, that’s not exactly true; I remember it’s #TBT when I log in to Facebook ON Thursday. I mean seriously, how can you forget it? It’s so in-your-face. It’s just that I don’t always log in to Facebook on Thursday. Ssssh. Don’t tell anyone.

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Don’t Bore Me With Names

College football is a big deal in the South, and my oldest son is a big Alabama fan; Alabama Roll Tide, not Alabama, Auburn. There is a difference. I learned the difference once at Christmas, because my middle son is an Auburn fan, NOT a Roll Tide fan. There is a huge, tree-killing difference. And

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Ice, Please.



My seventeen year old son Nic started college this week. Nic is a high school senior this year, but he is taking all of his classes at the local state college, and he is earning both high school and college credit; it’s a really cool program. And he still gets to participate in all of

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I’m The Shell & I’m Cracked Open & Ready When He Needs Me

I’m watching my middle son sleep. That doesn’t sound abnormal, right? Until I tell you my middle son is twenty-two years old and is just visiting for a few days. Yeah. Now it’s creepy. You still don’t think so? Okay imagine for a second… What if my son opened his eyes at four-thirty in the

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I Am Only Buying One Box Of Candles

I’m staring at my last-minute shopping list for my son’s birthday party: Corona Cuervo cupcakes hamburger buns candles And it hit me. He has outgrown Chuck E. Cheese. It blows my mind that his years exceed a box of birthday candles; that he doesn’t want to dress to match his Cozy Coupe (and that it’s

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Everybody Else’s Mother Wins Again

I’m not going to win The Mother of the Year Award again this year. That’s twenty-six years in a row I’ve been passed up. I’m starting to feel like Susan Lucci. My twenty-six year old son is currently annoyed with me because I called him too early this morning, and I woke him up to

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Terrible Twos, Double Digits & The Harry Years

I feel like I am wearing Harry’s cloak of invisibility. Again. I told my seventeen-year-old son Nic to wash the dogs four times in the past two weeks; I told him to change his bed linen the past two weekends -which is a regular weekend chore; ten days ago I told him to clean his

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